Must Have

In this page I am collecting all the tools I found to be extremely useful for a good work.

Solutions log - Never reinvent the wheel. And also if you did, don't do it again! Create a simple blog or whatever to save everything you discover. Something like this blog. If you do that public maybe you will help someone else.

ToDo list - Don't know what to do or too much things to do.. A todo list can help you to be more organized and productive. I felt comfortable with

PasswordManager - Never leave your knowledge unsecure. Use different passwords for each login. Hard to do, but a good password manager can help you in this. Not only for logins but also with every sensible data. could be a good friend

Backup service - Also if you did everything perfect, secure password for a well organized and documented project, a crash may occur. With a good backup service you will never have to worry about such things (and also accidentally deleted files..). Spideroak is a good service to start with: up to 50GB for free.. if you need more very cheap prices (100$/100GB plus a 50% educational discount). Find out more in this post
Anyway recently increased to 16GB the size you can reach with referrals, so that you can reach more than 18GB for free. Dropbox is more expensive than spideroak but it is smoother and integrates very well with the filesystem. If you don't need more than 18GB I think dropbox is better.
You need to keep in mind that dropbox does not have a real control version system (better to use git on other servers), and you will need to symlink the folders you want to backup if you don't want to copy them in the dropbox folder.
FYI referring is easier than you may think.. just google dropbox refer adwords ;-)

Time tracking software - Your time is extremely valuable. In addition to the ToDo list is useful to track your time, especially what you spend on work, paid or not. For paid work, of course, is useful to bill time. But also for free work, is useful to improve your time estimating skill for budgets and so on. I felt comfortable with, which is free a with a good set of features.

A good text editor - A good editor can make the difference.. I think that Sublime Text 2 is wonderful. It has everything I want from an editor.. Nice interface, speed, powerful shortcuts, multiple selection (this one is supreme), and an easy interface for python plugins so if some feature is missing you can add it yourself with few lines of python code.

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