Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to make a screencast video with ubuntu

Sometimes I needed to make some screencast videos, for example when I do magic with Sublime Text 2 sometimes I want to record it ;)

I found that xvidcap works very well

Paper Reference Manager

Some time ago I started using mendeley, to organize some papers but I got soon disappointed..
The user interface of the client software is quite unusable..

First of all the tag management is not effective, since to add a tag is a pain: click, write, click in another place to remove focus (otherwise you can not do anything.. not even switching workspace) without any keyboard shortcut!
Also searching for tags is frustrating.. you can not save searches and if you search for tag 'read' you will also find papers with tag 'toread'..
Another bad point is the sort order: spaces are ignored so 'a zebra' comes after 'an elephant', since z>n but if you make a list of titles everywhere else, the sorting keeps spaces into account.. hence you will have mismatching lists..

A good feature of mendeley desktop, for which I kept mendeley for some time, is the internal editor, that allows for highlights and notes..


Zotero have shortcuts, save advanced searches, notes, tag management and if you open pdfs with okular you can even highlight or add notes into pdf..

I'll try zotero for a while, syncing pdfs with dropbox...