Friday, May 18, 2012

How to change the keyboard's layout and make this persistent in ubuntu

I recently decided to switch to the USA keyboard layout which seems to be more comfortable for programmers.
I found very disappointing that after reboot the layout rolled back to Italian even if that layout had been deleted.

The solution is very simple: just pay attention at the login screen and choose the keyboard layout you want from the lower bar!

FYI it is useful to set from the keyboard preferences the compose key (I chose the right alt) to make letters with accents:

  • compose_key + ` + letter = à ẁ è ì ò ù..
  • compose_key + ' + letter = á ẃ é í ó ú..
  • compose_key + - + letter = āūīōē..
  • compose_key + , + letter = ąȩįųģ..
  • compose_key + . + letter = ȧėıȯḣġḟḋṡ...
  • compose_key + ; + letter = ąęųįǫ
  • for others you can look here: