Friday, April 27, 2012

Pirelli DP-L10 disassembly

This is how the phone looks like (actually the screen should not be broken but in my case I had a broken one to disassemble :P)

First of all you have to remove the lid on the back, pressing the opening button.
Then you need to remove the camera cover, passing a credit card on the two sides. Note that on the right part, looking at the picture above there are two blocks while on the left there is only one.

Then you can remove the four torks screws (you can use a flat screwdriver).
With the same credit card, or gently with the screwdriver, unlock the two sides as in the picture below.

After that you can separate the top cover.

From the top cover you can remove the keyboard. From the board you have to remove by pulling (there is only some glue to keep it) the keyboard counterpart. In this way you will reveal two other screws.

The board is now attached to the cover only through the speaker. you can remove it (again only some glue) and disconnect from the board pulling (remember, the red wire towards the middle). 

From the top cover you can remove the other speaker.
Now to remove the camera housing, pull gently the two blocks on the sides

Disconnect the two links (red wire towards the top) and the camera is free.

Now remove the metal screen cover, paying attention to the two little blocks on the top sides. just lever a little bit with the screwdriver. 

After that you can disconnect the screen. If you want you can lever up the metal covers to reveal other components.

Now we will look into the camera and the screen.
For the camera remove the speaker and lever in the hole thus revealed.   

The camera is inside!

For the screen it's easier if you remove the shiny paper on the back

and then press to remove the plastic housing

That's it! Follow the instructions backwards to mount it again

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