Friday, February 17, 2012

Paymo and the Pomodoro tecnique

Yesterday I read an article on an old issue of PragPub (by the way, you need to check this out) about the Pomodoro tecnique. I found it (the Pomodoro) very interesting because simple but effective so I decided to try it myself.
Since I have been using Paymo for personal time tracking, I tried to use it also for the Pomodoro tecnique but it didn't fit so much. If only the timer could automatically stop at 25 minutes, maybe with an alert..
Hey, I can do that! Google chrome supports userscripts (greasemonkey for firefox stuff)!!
So I wrote a simple script that adds a new button in the paymo timer, near the "Start" one: now you can "Start a Pomodoro" and after 25 minutes the timer stops with an alert about the end of the Pomodoro.
Here some useful links:

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