Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to install italian spellchecker dictionary for lyx

Lyx uses hunspell to spellcheck, so you have to install hunspell italian dictionary.
To do this download the zip file from in the dictionaries section. Inside the zip file you will find the files it_IT.aff and it_IT.dic: copy that files into /usr/share/hunspell/

if not activate checkspelling in lyx (choose enchant as spellchecker engine in tools->preferences->language settings->spellchecker)
it is also useful to check "spellcheck continuously" which means that every word is checked as soon as it's written.

that's all

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ubuntu theme changed autonomously

Sometimes happens...
Today i started my notebook and i found that the theme was changed.. i didnt like it and i wanted to bring it back.
I found that was a gnome-settings-daemon problem. To solve you have to restart that daemon loggin in again or in the command line:

  • kill the daemon if active:
ps aux | grep gnome-settings-daemon
the first number from the left is the process id.. then
sudo kill pid
where pid is the process id found before
otherwise just use 
sudo killall gnome-settings-daemon

  • start the daemon