Monday, November 14, 2011

How to bypass the hp smart pin

Some Hp laptops have a strange connector, with 3 poles:
  • pwr
  • gnd
  • smart pin
Of course the smart pin is so smart that without it the computer won't turn on.
If you want to bypass it you can simply add a resistor between voltage and the smart pin.
430k will be good.

NOTE: Without the resistor, connecting the smart pin to pwr directly, the computer will turn on but it will be extremely slow


  1. The original resistor on HP power supplies is 390K. Tested!

  2. why is very slow
    slow is hdd ram or cpu

  3. I don't know why, 470K, 390K, 100K, all didn't work, only without resistor worked

  4. 430k resistor worked for me on HP ProBook 6470b, charging very slowly, and video wont play smooth, but system comes on.


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