Monday, July 4, 2011

How to root lg gw620

Original article:

rooting your LG Eve GW620 Now! (all credit to Zacpod)
Now onto the actual root. All this is taken from Zacpod’s excellent post found here: I’ll be copying it almost verbatim, and I hope he doesn’t mind
  1. Download the Superuser Whitelist ( and unzip it somewhere safe such as c:\SDK\tools\
  2. On the GW620 dial "3845#*620#" to get in to the secret menu
  3. Tap "Module Test" then tap "Stability Test" then tap "Enable Root Permission"
  4. Open a Command Prompt on Windows by pressing Windows Key + R, then type "cmd" in the empty field. Note, you should also run this with Administrator rights. Linux users can use Terminal.
Navigate to your installed Android SDK (ie: "cd c:\SDK\tools\").
  1. Type "adb shell"
  2. You should get a #. If you get a $ then something didn’t work. Shutdown the phone and PC and try again. If you get a # then all is well. Type "exit" to return to your PCs command prompt.
  3. Type "adb remount" to remount the GW620′s file system as read-write so we can make changes.
  4. Type "adb shell cat /system/xbin/su > /system/xbin/su.original" [Note: This step may give you a "could not find path" error. Just continue on with step 5 and the root will still work.] 
    1. NOTE: this step is very important: it backs up the original file which will be overwritten. You can try (it worked for me) to type "adb shell" getting the # root shell and then the command"cat /system/xbin/su > /system/xbin/su.original"
  5. Type "adb push bin/su /system/xbin/su"
  6. Type "adb push bin/su /system/bin/su"
  7. Type "adb shell chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su"
  8. Type "adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su"
  9. Type "adb install bin/Superuser.apk"
Caution: I’m not the author, and any time you root your LG Eve GW620, you run the risk of bricking your phone. I will not be liable. However, if you need some help, go here.

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