Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Android update for lg gw620

I confirm that the update is available.
I've got some trouble for the update but now seems to work.
During the update i went through some problems:

  • windows alerted me that the software was not responding. i closed and restarted the update
  • after the update (at 99%) the mobile reboots. The first time it told me "linux kernel panic" (i was like omg!) but then the update software told me wat to do ("i lost the connection with te mobile, please remove the battery and restart the phone, then click restore")
Finally i have froyo on my phone

Some notes on the update:

  • after the download (about 150MB), during the install at 4% the mobile reboots in recovery mode (don't panic!)
  • restarting the install does not seem to be a problem
  • after the install (long time to turn on the first time) it restores prefs, contacts and so on.. (but please backup all the data anyway)
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  1. hello, where can i find the update? thanks in advance =)

  2. I added the link to another post that explains how to get the update


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