Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to create ebooks for kindle

Actually it's not so easy to understand how to format correctly a document to be viewed in a kindle, and I am also trying to find a good way to do that.
This is a nice way I found:

A good format to be converted into mobi (kindle ebook format) is html or rtf.
To create a good book in html you can use Lyx with the elyxer extension to export in html:
sudo apt-get install lyx
sudo apt-get install elyxer

After that you will be able to File>Export>HTML

Once you have an html file I suggest to use a software like Calibre to organize, convert and put on your kindle your ebooks.

- I noticed (in the book I converted) that html head section generates some errors in the visualization so I left only the body

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