Friday, July 9, 2010

Free web space for backup, sync and sharing

I found a site that offers a very useful service. An application to upload files when changes are submitted: SpiderOak.
Probably you have already heard about Dropbox. This one is very similar to dropbox but imho it offers a better service:
  • you don't have to put all files in a dedicated folder, you can simply tell the program which folders you want to backup
  • it offers 2gb of space (Dropbox does the same) but for every person you refer you gain 1 extra gb to a maximum of 5 (dropbox gives you 250mb/person to 8gb)
  • if you need more space it offers 100gb for 10$/month or 100$/year with an educational 50% discount (dropbox 50gb/10$)
if you want to try this service please use the link below. We both receive an extra GB

UPDATE: now the referral program let you reach 50GB for FREE!

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